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Hey there, future leader! If you’re in the World Vision Conference and are interested in joining, click on this link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1p0LLjc7TPYRbJgd_mHwLfPWXt2zS7ROTlWsvAVAEY6k

The MHS Future Minds Conference aims to not only provide all of you with the skills you need to realise your full potential as active citizens, but also to strengthen the bonds between our neighbouring schools.

Throughout the conference, there will be a number of prominent speakers who will discuss ways to maintain peace and justice (Sustainable Development Goal #16), how to make an impact in your personal community and how to spark active change globally.

Following this there will be a hackathon where members will be split into 9 groups of 7. Together, you will work on a project for 2 months which aims to achieve one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs).

At the end of this period, you will be asked to present your project in a 3 min pitch to a panel of judges on the 28th of June at Melbourne High School

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  • Those eligible to take part in this Hackathon are members present at this Future Minds Conference
  • Teams of 7
  • Members must be a student of 1 of the 5 selective entry highschool of Victoria; Melbourne High School, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Nossal Highschool, Suzanne Cory Highschool and John Monash Science School. 


  • Your idea and teams must be submitted on this platform
  • Your ideas must be submitted by April 27th and approved
  • The presentations must be submitted by 5pm on June 21st
  • The teams are to present a 3 minute pitch (maximum) with a 1 minute interrogative section by the adjudicators
  • Judging day is on June 28th 
  • Judging day will be held at Melbourne High School
  • You are free to use any slides, demonstrations, props and exampls to assist in your pitch
  • Please inform us with at least 48 hours notice if you are using your own device to project your slide so we can check if the equipment works fine.

How to enter


1. What project can you create that can help solve one of the UN's 17 SDGs?

2. Vote for your favourite idea/s

3. Form nine groups of seven students (max of 2 students from each school)



1. Start a FB/ Slack Chat

2. Start a GoogleDrive and share with futureminds.mhs@gmail.com

3. Start hacking! (May the best team win :DDD)



1. Upload your final submission file (.pdf, .ppt, .docx)

2. Pitch to the judging panel! Try not to be too nervous!

3. Results will be published on this site for your viewing


Nathaniel Diong

Nathaniel Diong
MHS Future Minds President

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Is the solution innovative in its delivery, execution or value proposition? Is it innovative in comparison to other similar products on the market? Is it creative and visionary, or exciting, new and clever?
  • Usefulness
    Does the solution solve a clear problem? Is the solution useful, convenient and accessible for the end user? Does the solution clearly address one of the Sustainable Goals?
  • Viability
    Does the idea have a viable path to execution? Is it too much of a fantasy, or is it something with a clear ability to lift itself off the ground?
  • Technical Complexity
    How technically difficult was the solution presented? Is this technical complexity required for the task at hand?
  • Business-Ready
    Is there a sustainable or realistic business model/strategy? Is the project prime for launch and entry in approximately 12 months?